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Conveniently Located
O.I. is located in the center of GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and offers 12,000 SQF. of premium office space, ranging from efficient one-person workstation offices to generous office suites with ample workspace for one, two, or three to four professionals.

Superb Value
At O.I., you can save up to 70% off the cost of conventional leased space. Choose from a fully furnished and equipped space or from one of our Virtual Office Packages. Either way, one low monthly fee makes it easy to budget and control your overhead.

Whether you are starting a new practice, opening a branch office, or have outgrown your home-based practice, O.I. can provide the perfect furnished office space for you. With our focus on flexibility, you can select the space that suits your needs and change when necessary, whether your practice goes through growth or downsizing. This ensures you will always keep the same address and friendly, professional staff handling your telephone and administrative support services.​​

Referral System
Your office should be your own personal cash cow.
If you’re not offsetting your expense with referrals from your network, then you’re paying for the wrong office space.
When it comes to referrals, Professionals “get it.” At O.I. office solutions, we take what Professionals do naturally, and make it happen faster and with more frequency. In doing so, we transform office sharing fees from your firm’s biggest fixed expense into a revenue producing profit center.
 How O.I.’s unique Referral System will work for you

​​C.L.O.M.S.’s shared office setup is only for Professionals to work from any location in Canada or internationally by using the mixture of physical and virtual services. Our team act as an extension of your business – our receptionist works for you

Focus on your clients

For busy people the benefit of having someone to answer your calls on their behalf gives the advantage of focusing on their work, even shielding them from calls if required. First impressions are still so important for winning business, particularly from larger organizations, so by using a Virtual or shared Office you compete on even terms with companies that are currently far larger than yourself.

Physical office space
From $129 Per Month
This plan covers all that is included in Virtual/Remote Office Services, plus at O.I., Legal Professionals enjoy spacious high-class private offices / workspace and a full range of administrative and support services normally available only to large law firms.

O.I. is the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. Occupancy terms can be tailored to your needs – pay only for space and services you need, as long as you need them and without any long-term lease/rental commitments. Plus, you can increase your space as your needs expand. For Legal Professionals who are running hard to build a practice and meet client demands, O.I. is a “turnkey” solution: just bring your computer, client files and start working.

You can have your own secretary, or we can provide one on pay-as-you-go basis. It is the most convenient and flexible arrangement you can make. 

Virtual/Remote Office Services
$59 Per Month
O.I.’s virtual office can provide significant savings and flexibility compared to renting a traditional office space to serve your clients. You can be anywhere in the world, and still have a physical address which is not a P.O. Box, rather a live person acting as your staff and dealing with your choice of required services, such as receiving mail, client documents, taking / transferring phone calls, and much more. When a client calls or “walks in,” they will feel like this is your office. Calls, messages, mail, documents can be managed securely according to your instructions and with highest standards of confidentiality. O.I. even provides virtual office services to give virtual offices the prestige associated with physical offices, such as an important-sounding address, a professional phone-answering service and even occasional low-cost rental of office space and conference rooms. You don’t have to pay for a dedicated physical office space.

Ready to work, in-house or virtual offices with all the modern and high-class amenities and services you need.Exclusively for Independent Business Owners and Canadian Professionals such as CGA/CPA, Legal Professionals, Consultants, Business Service Providers and more.​Serviced Office Space to Rent. Office Rental Lease 

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