(O.I.) Office Space Solutions in Canada  virtual office in Vaughan

Call: 1-905-326-0045  EXT 221

How to register for a plan 

1-The fastest way is to simply select a plan from C.L.O.M.S. services and register online. We will send you step-by-step instructions to complete the process.  

2- You can contact us via inquiry form, and we will call you to further discuss our services.

3- Make an appointment to visit the location, and we will be more than happy to show you around, and then you can further discuss available options.

No matter wherever you are in the world, we can assist. 

All virtual plans must be processed online.

Members who are interested in physical office space in any category are required to be interviewed by the director or manager. This interview can be arranged in person or via live web meeting.

A member applying for any plan must provide proof of identification for him/herself as well as for the corporation or business entity.

How we work