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Referral Network (offset your expense)

At C.L.O.M.S. office solutions referrals offset your expense.

When it comes to referrals, Professionals “get it.” At C.L.O.M.S. office solutions, we take what Professionals do naturally, and make it happen faster and with more frequency. In doing so, we transform office sharing fees from your firm’s biggest fixed expense into a revenue producing profit center. 

Your office should be your own personal cash cow. 
If you’re not offsetting your practice expense with referrals from your neighbors, then you’re paying for the wrong office space. 

Legal Professionals understand referrals. 
Giving referrals is part of our business culture. If you are not receiving referrals from the other Professionals in your office space, you’re losing money.

Referrals from Legal Professionals are your easiest source of quality leads.

Professionals understand practice niches and deal with decision makers. Referrals from other Professionals are your best source of high-quality prospective clients.

Convert office expense into profits.
Office rent is one of your biggest fixed expenses. Turn your office expense into a profit center by receiving business from your shared C.L.O.M.S. office suitemates, and you will put additional thousands in your pocket every year.

Professionals networking is as easy as showing up and saying hi.
C.L.O.M.S. office solutions offer the convenience of marketing your practice to other Professionals without ever leaving your office.

Keep More Business
Co-counseling with Professionals in other practice areas allows you to keep matters that may normally be outside of your comfort zone.

Make Better Referrals
Access to talented Professionals in every practice area makes you a valuable resource to your clients.

Achieve Better Results
Test legal theories or negotiation strategies with your peers before taking on your adversaries.

Expend Less Social Capital
If you call the same friend when you have practice questions, eventually they stop taking your calls. Our members know the favor will be repaid, so they are happy to help.

Reduce Malpractice Risk
Talking through an issue with a colleague before taking action may uncover something you missed that would have resulted in a call to your malpractice carrier.

C.L.O.M.S.Community will save you time and make you money.
Collaborating with your peers makes you a better Professional.

How we help build successful practices: Attract great Legal Professionals.
A great community starts with great people. We attract Professionals who are excited about what they do and are eager to collaborate with other like-minded Professionals.

How we help build successful law practices:
Make them more successful.
By leveraging the experiences of other successful Professionals, we help you resolve the most difficult challenges of managing a law practice.

How we help build successful law practices: Provide opportunities to collaborate.
You can’t practice law alone. We streamline and accelerate the relationship building process, allowing you to collaborate with your peers.

How we help build successful law practices: Celebrate success. Success is a mindset that attracts more success.
By acknowledging our client’s successes within the C.L.O.M.S. Community, it encourages other clients to be more successful.