(O.I.) Office Space Solutions in Canada  virtual office in Vaughan

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C.L.O.M.S. offers Professionals the use of well-equipped office/work space board/meeting rooms as well as our address and location for purposes of professional identity, meeting facilities, deliveries, and services.

All services provided by C.L.O.M.S. Premises and from Canada. We do not outsource or share any information with third parties. 

Work Stations Plans and Pricing (Summary)

Shared Window Side Work Station

This plan covers all that is included in Virtual/Remote Office Services, plus at C.L.O.M.S., Professionals enjoy spacious high-class private offices/workspace and a full range of administrative and support services normally available only to large firms.

A workspace with all the features of a fully functional law office

All services included in Virtual Plan Three and Plus 6' X 6' (36 SQF) physical space with 24/7 access to 10000 SQF common office area and over 15 other free features, please explore details via above link

Non-Shared Interior Work Stations $175 PM

  1. Station 18​
  2. Station 19
  3. Station 20
  4. Station 21
  5. Station 22
  6. Station 23
  7. Station 24
  8. Station 25
  9. Station 26
  10. ​Station 27

Rights of membership are reserved and subject to terms and condition o the agreement.

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