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Enjoy the freedom that comes with being able to pay for the onlyspace, staff, and services you need when you need them.

All services provided by C.L.O.M.S. Premises and from Canada. We do not outsource or share any information with third parties. 

Virtual Office Plans and Pricing (Summary)

 Virtual/Remote Office Services Staring at $ 39 PM

No matter wherever you are in the world! C.L.O.M.S.’s virtual office can provide significant savings and flexibility compared to renting a traditional office space to serve your clients and practice. You can be anywhere in the world, and still, have a physical address which is not a P.O. Box, rather a Canadian location with a live person acting as your staff and dealing with your choice of required services, such as receiving mail, client documents, taking/transferring phone calls, and much more. When a client calls or “walks in,” they will feel like this is your office. Calls, messages, mail, documents can be managed securely according to your instructions and with highest standards of confidentiality. C.L.O.M.S. even provides virtual office services to give virtual offices the prestige associated with physical offices, such as an important-sounding address, a professional phone-answering service and even occasional low-cost rental of office space and conference rooms. You don’t have to pay for a dedicated physical office space.

Virtual Plan One - Mail and Address Service $59 PM

Anything received at your business address which will be C.L.O.M.S. address can either be held for you securely to be collected by you (Mon – Fri, 9.30 am – 5.00pm) or forwarded to you via first class post or courier service or emailed to you as per your specific instructions.

  • (Address and Mail) Services included in Virtual Plan
  • Business address from Vaughan Ontario Canada
  • Mail handling services; mail & packages received and signed for
  • Receptionist to greet clients and visitors
  • Free use of day offices, meeting rooms up to 3 hours per month
  • Access to professional administrative support to handle mail and documents
  • Complimentary self-service tea and coffee when visiting C.L.O.M.S. Office

Virtual Plan Two - Phone and Answering Services $39 PM

C.L.O.M.S. specially trained staff can answer your calls and transfer them to you or forward them to your voicemail. You will receive the voice mail message via email attachment right after.  Calls are transferred to Canada and USA at no extra cost or calling rate. You choose how we answer your calls and what line you want them to be put through to. When faxes arrive, they can either be read out to you over the phone, forwarded to you via first class post or faxed to a number of your choice.

  • (Telephone Answering) Services included in Virtual Plan
  • A dedicated local business telephone number and company voicemail
  • Unlimited incoming and outgoing call management
  • Unlimited calling in North America (USA and Canada)
  • Telephone messaging and notification service, including transmission of telephone messages to Member/Client using voice, email, facsimile or other means; 
  • 24-hour access to voicemail
  • Live receptionist to answer calls from Vaughan Ontario, Canada
  • Telephone answering service, with live receptionists;
  • Free use of day offices, meeting rooms up to 3 hours per month
  • Authorization to have Member/Client's name, phone number, and address printed in the telephone directory, including the White and Yellow Pages business listings, as well as on the stationery.

Virtual Office Package Deal Plan Three- Plan One+Plan Two $99 PM

C.L.O.M.S. virtual office services allow you to benefit from our professional reception team and use of our business address on your marketing material. They are perfect for start-up companies, consultants and people working from home, and are also very popular with professionals looking to trial a new location for their practice without the risk of long-term commitment or buying physical space. For many looking for a virtual office, C.O.M.S. is the best place to consider and we have a large range of options to meet your required needs.

It’s all the benefits of a full-time office & receptionist but without the costs.

  • Services included in Virtual Office Package Deal Plan are all those included in plan one and two (Address and Mail and Telephone Answering) plus Complimentary use of networking lounge with self-service tea and coffee when visiting C.L.O.M.S. Office.
  • Free use of day offices, meeting rooms up to 8 hours per month
  • Directory listing and access to C.L.O.M.S. Referral Network.

Subject to applicable HST/GST
Rights of membership are reserved and subject to terms and condition o the agreement.